Legacy, Commitment, Remembrance

The essence of life is not measured in quantity, but in quality. No truer words are spoken when Kim Rowden is remembered. Kim Rowden lived three years after being diagnosed at the age of twenty-five with breast cancer. She lived her life to the fullest and touched the hearts of so many people, young and old alike. She was a loving daughter, a warm-hearted and gifted young woman, and was engaged to be married.

At the age of six, she demonstrated a talent for crafts and had a superb ability for needlepoint. Kim was a pianist and a dancer. She also excelled in many sports including basketball and golf. Kim was a computer analyst for the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge, and held a degree in Mathematics and Business Administration.

And yet, of her many talents the greatest of all was her ability to inspire everyone she met, including the medical team that fought to save her life. Kim’s memory lives on in the lives of the people she helps save. Through medical research, her breast cancer played a vital role in the detection of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, the only breast cancer genes as of yet identified. Kim’s deep faith gave hope to all she encountered through her special embrace on life.

The Kim Rowden Breast Cancer Memorial Fund’s mission is to raise awareness about early detection and provide breast cancer screening for women without financial resources.

So we commemorate Kim’s special embrace of life through this memorial fund. It is through your generous support that we can help women in need of breast health services and provide the hope they need to find breast cancer early and survive the disease.

You can help the struggle against breast cancer. By donating funds to the Kim Rowden Breast Cancer Memorial Fund, you are giving hope to women that cannot afford to be screened for breast cancer.

If you would like to donate money to the Kim Rowden Breast Cancer Memorial Fund, please visit the Donate page.